To a brighter future

To a brighter future

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting There Green Day 2013


Are you ready for spring yet? It's coming soon, just like the second annual Getting There Green Day, on March 20th, 2013, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere (and the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere). Wherever you're going that day, join a growing crowd of like-minded people in getting there green. Interested, but not sure how? That's why Green Passport and its collaborators created the event last year. We're going to share some simple ideas; just pick the ones you can do. You might end up saving money by getting there green, and save fuel and cut emissions. Hope you don't mind ...
Getting There Green Day is a virtual event connecting people through Facebook. You can participate from anywhere in the world!
Getting There Green Day is low-impact. There's no pancake breakfast; no bands; no emissions, litter or wastewater that you'd get with an on-site celebration. Instead, you just go where you were planning to go, but green. Will you be going to work that day? To school? To buy groceries? Well, carry on with that. We know simple things to make your travel better by getting there green.
Getting There Green Day is about choosing the best option to make your personal travel clean, affordable, maybe even healthy. It's not just about cycling. Or walking. Or taking transit. Even your driving can be greened. Not all of us can do the car-free lifestyle: if you can, or want to, that's great, but you'll get no grief from us if you stay behind the wheel. You can reduce the amount you drive, or reduce your impact by using better driving habits. You may not be able to go car-free, but changing to car-lite is within your reach!
Of course if you do want to leave the car at home, we'll be right there holding your bike for you. Or your boots. Or your bus pass. Metaphorically speaking, yes, but the tips, tools and tales you'll enjoy through Green Passport's regular updates on Facebook and Twitter will support your success in getting there green. 
Getting There Green Day is part of the on-going collaboration between Green Passport, and GFTG TV. Let us make Getting There Green Day 2013 a great success!
Three simple steps and you're done:
  1. Go to and Like Green Passport.
  2. Join Getting There Green Day, in the Events tab. 
  3. Please Invite Friends to join in. If they're not on Facebook yet you can send them the link in step 1: they'll need to join Facebook to take part.

Thanks for taking part. See you on-line!
Dave K

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