To a brighter future

To a brighter future

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting There Green Day 2013 FAQs

1) What is Getting There Green Day?
  • It's a celebration of green mobility options, ways of getting around that use less fuel, cause less smog and release less carbon dioxide.
  • It's a virtual event, so that instead of happening in just one place it's happening all around the world, wherever people are choosing green mobility options.
  • This is the second year of the event. The first was 2012.
2) When is it?
  • It's on March 20, 2013, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. Or the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere.
  • It's on the first day of spring (or autumn, down south) every year. The exact date will vary, but we'll let you know when it is each year.
  • It's an all day event, starting at midnight and going for all of March 20, for whatever time zone you're in. We didn't want to tie it to just one time zone.
3) Where is it?
  • It's wherever you're going that day, March 20, 2013. So don't change your plans, just give some thought to getting there green.
  •  By not tying it to one place we made it so that you can take part anywhere in the world.
  • We also thought that by making it a virtual event it won't have a physical event's footprint: energy, litter, wastewater and other impacts. And while a virtual event also has impacts, they'll be a whole lot smaller.
  4) How much does it cost?
  • Nothing. But you may end up saving money by saving fuel. Hope that's okay.
5) How do I take part?
  • We'd love it if you joined the official Facebook event. Find it under Events on the Green Passport page, and click Join. And we'd love it if you Like Green Passport :)
  • Even if you don't join the event, Like Green Passport so you can follow the updates and learn about fuel efficient-driving, bike commuting and other green ways of getting around. Then use what you've learned on March 20.
6) Do I have to ride a bike?
  • No. A bike is a great green choice, but it may not be the right choice for everyone, or for every day.  Walking and transit are also good options, but even driving can be greened. Follow the Green Passport updates, and you'll be saving fuel and cutting emissions behind the wheel in no time.
7) May I ride a bike? 
  • Absolutely! You may also walk, take a bus, take a trolley, take a train, run, blade, board, canoe, sail, swim, kayak, row, ski, snowshoe, ride a tricycle, ride a unicycle, ride a horse, ride a mule, ride a screaming goat, ride a camel, ride an ostrich, ride a rickshaw, ride a dogsled ... whew! You may even drive, but please do it green. We'll give you some pointers on that in our updates.
Dave K 


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